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Screwdrivers are a household necessity–it’s almost difficult to organize a home these days without getting a decent set of screwdrivers, from constructing flat pack furniture to repairing damaged electronics. It’s a smart idea to get a full collection of tools when you move in for convenience, rather than buying them individually when you need them. Fortunately there is a great selection of online sets out there.

There’s something to fit all of your needs, from a few decent quality screwdrivers to bumper sets of over 60 different screwdriver bits. Once you start looking at the goods out there, think about what you’re going to use the screwdrivers for, because that will give you an idea of which set size you need and how much you need to worry about their strength and efficiency.

The following screwdriver sets use the latest creative components to meet your needs and help you do your best.

Craftsman 17-Piece Screwdriver set

If you need more variety than you get in the 17-piece Craftsman Screwdriver Set, you’re probably some sort of skilled craftsman or builder and you probably already have all the screwdrivers that you need. This extensive collection has plenty of variety for most of us, and all the durability required for all those that screw-related tasks.

The package features nine flathead screwdrivers (also known as slotted drivers) ranging from 3/32 inch down to 1/4 inch in tip width. The seven screwdrivers on Phillips have tips scored from #0 through #2. In short, these devices can be used to handle anything from a pair of eyeglasses to a large piece of furniture or a home appliance.

The handles of these American-made tools are crafted from a durable butyrate plastic that even when dropped on hard surfaces is resistant to cracking, while the heat-treated steel blades retain their shape even when worked hard with snug screws. Using these devices you’ll encounter limited stripping and slipping. It’s also a good time to note that this package is a deal, at less than $35. If the four-in – one miniature flathead pocket tool is counted, it works to about two bucks per tool, which is hard to beat.

DeWalt 45-Piece Screwdriver set

Customers and artisans alike enjoy bit sets for their versatility, and this is personified by DeWalt’s 45-piece kit. It comes with 40 interchangeable bits, including 12 double-ended bits, providing you with a collection of 54 total tips in different sizes. No late night drives to the hardware store or browse through old toolboxes to find the right fit for the piece. The product comes at a decent price as well as its versatility, and has an impressive number of five-star ratings.

This tool comes with a range of square, slotted and Phillips tips which are all easy to install with DeWalt’s magnetic drive guide technology into the screwdriver. And all 45 pieces are packed in a hard-top carrying case of industrial strength. Constructed from hardened steel, and made with the world-renowned consistency of DeWalt, this set will last for years.

Williams 100P-19MD Premium

If you’re looking to spend a little more in a set of quality screwdrivers, this is a great choice. The handles are crafted ergonomically to provide comfort and reduce wrist strain. Even they’re made with a strong grip so they won’t fall-even with oily hands. It is not only great for comfort but it makes them much easier to use. Often, it can prove the blade with more power while turning because your hand won’t slip and you can put all your energy behind the work you need.

The added thumb stop also helps improve how much power you can bring behind the screwdriver and keeps your handle feeling balanced and even in your hand. The blades are very long making it easier to get through certain screws that are hard to touch. There is a wide range of sizes to handle a range of screws-those included in the set are Philips screwdrivers and flathead screwdrivers.

To ensure quality, the screwdrivers are manufactured entirely in the USA. Reviewers love how powerful these screwdrivers are, and how much torque they can bring into any task. The screwdriver’s three components are tightly fastened together to improve reliability and reduce snapping risk.

Craftsman Extreme Grip 6-Piece Diamond Tip Screwdrivers

Craftsman is one of the top names of tools and this small set proves that they are indeed one of the world’s finest brands of screwdrivers. Such screwdrivers do have ergonomic handles and laser-marked shanks so you will never have to wonder which size you are carrying.

Consumers raved about the diamond tips, noticing that they grasp the stripped or rounded heads comfortably, making it easy to replace broken screws. This is a magnetic screwdriver set, as a complement to the grip, which makes even easier maintenance of worn-out screws. Owners of this collection love the sturdy handles, and the overall durability is good.

In recent years there has been growing concern that Craftsman tools, despite having complete guarantees, are becoming less reliable. Although there are few problems with this package, they all seem to be facing a single issue of durability. The shank will come loose inside the handle after several uses against stripped heads or overtightened screws.

This results in the shank not turning with the handle in most situations, but in a few extreme cases the shank has absolutely fallen out, requiring replacement. Luckily, Craftsman is considered to have one of the best tool warranties in the biz so typically a free replacement is painless if you ever have a problem.

ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit

This kit comes with more than just a set of screwdrivers-it’s a full repair kit with something for just about every home-based DIY job. It has four plastic opening devices, three tweezers, a utility knife, an anti-static wrist brace, a sim card ejector pin, a triangle plectrum, a spudger, three metal spudgers, a6-inch metal ruler and a screwdriver kit with a number of screwdriver bits including philips, slot, torx and other parts.

The metal parts are made of reinforced steel which keeps them strong and durable against harsh jobs and protects them from threading. The tip of the screwdriver is magnetic to help keep the screws in place when you mount them, and to make retrieval easier when you remove them. The handle is ergonomically built and has a strong grip for safe and comfortable use, of course-there is also a roller at the end which means you only have to use one finger for easier work.

There is an extender and flexible attachment to the shaft to get into those hard to get work. The whole package comes in a foldable nylon bag that keeps your tools safe and makes them easy to pack away without taking up too much room or making much mess.

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