Best Water Leak Detector for Smart Home

Whether it’s frozen pipes in the middle of winter, a unexpectedly bursting water heater or a leaky washing machine, you need to keep your home safe from water damage. Luckily, a new crop of smart water leak detectors can detect leaks and beam alerts on your phone, even if you’re hundreds of miles away.

Knowing which detector is worth your money can be difficult. And we’ll make this list to help you quickly pick the best water leak detector for smart home.

Fibaro Flood Sensor

The Fibaro Flood Sensor is a lightweight, battery powered device designed to keep you up-to-date about any possible leaks in your home. The wireless design means you can put it almost anywhere, making it a great choice for adding monitoring where there is no plug. Simply pair the flood sensor with HomeKit via its built-in Bluetooth capabilities and set it under a sink, near a water heater, or anywhere else that could spring up a leak.

Fibaro’s Flood Sensor also supports external wired leads to reach behind the positions where the sensor can not match. Additional features for the flood sensor include temperature control, which is applied to HomeKit as a separate device, and leak detection and temperature can be combined with other HomeKit devices as well. It allows for lots of automation choices, such as turning your smart lights blue when there is a leak.

Those who are looking for an simple setup option that allows them to set it and forget that the Fibaro Flood Sensor can look no further than this. While this may not be the most used smart device in your house, if the worst-case scenarios happen, it may be one of the most critical. Instant notifications to your iOS devices will allow you to keep on top of any problems that might occur, and hopefully help prevent them from being a much bigger problem.

Zircon Leak Alert Water Leak Detector

The Zircon Leak Alert is a effective tool, because of its size and simplicity. App-controlled devices have a place in modern homes, but the simplicity of the Zircon is hard to beat.

Setup is as simple as inserting batteries under your sink, washing machine or toilet and placing it in place. Also, it’s responsive. It is sensitive enough to be set off by a damp paper towel, according to the reports. The best part is that it comes for under $50 in multipackages.

Wassertein Wifi Water Leak Sensor

While it wasn’t the quickest to send alerts, it still managed to send notifications over both WiFi and data in less than 20 seconds. The configuration method is as simple as it comes. In the instruction manual there is a scannable QR code which takes you to the Wasserstein App, and it requires less than a minute to follow the prompts and then get the leak detector up and running.

As smart water leak detector, Wasserstein’s leak detector comes with a probe. Whether you want to slip the sensor into a small space like beneath or behind a washing machine or dishwasher this is a helpful addition. It comes with a wall anchor as well, so you can hang the greater portion of the nearby leak detector and position the probe where potential leaks can occur.

And the water-detector packs quite a bang for your buck at less than $25.

Honeywell Lyric Wifi Water Leak & Freeze Detector

When the water trapped inside the pipe freezes and expands, several pipes will burst out. That’s why Honeywell’s sensor can also detect temperature and humidity changes in addition to water leaks, and give you an warning if things get too cold. The Lyric sensor runs on two AA batteries, estimated to last up to 3 years. It includes a 4-foot cable which can detect leaks over its entire length.

If a leak is detected by the Lyric Freeze, it sends an warning to your phone and emits an alarm of 100 dB. It also directly connects to your Wi-Fi — no hub required. The Lyric devices from Honeywell also work with a wide variety of smart-home systems.

Vivint Water Sensor

The water sensor detectors of Vivint are powered by batteries to be mounted anywhere in the house. This is designed to detect leaks and flooding with moisture monitoring. To detect and warn you of freezing temperatures, the sensor also provides temperature monitoring. So if kids tamper with the sensor you’ll be alerted immediately with the Vivint Smart Home mobile app.

Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor

Ring, the smart home security experts, offers a lightweight and elegant wireless leak detection system. The Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor is a device powered by batteries that enables it to be mounted just about anywhere in the house. A battery life of 3 years means it can run in the background for years to come.

Ring’s sensor communicates to the Ring Alarm device via Z-Wave and can be mounted up to a distance of 250 feet ensuring it works in the further reaches of your house. In addition to detecting leakage, a built-in temperature sensor will assess whether the area is too cold and may freeze and possibly burst your water lines.

First Alert Water Alarm

The First Alert Water Alarm, just like the Zircon Leak Alert, is a basic device you can set and forget. This powerful impact-resistant sensor comes with an integrated cable, expanding its detection range by six feet. This cable can detect moisture, so that other sensors can’t touch it through small spaces. Simply open the sensor bottom and stretch the sensor wire out of the device to fit in spaces like a washing machine underneath.

If you want a no-fuss, classic sensor for a modest price, First Alert is a great choice to keep your home safe.

Flume Smart Home Water Monitoring System

The Flume water monitoring system includes a water leak detector operated by batteries that connects to the water meter of your home. Use the Flume smartphone app and Wi-Fi, you will be able to track the water usage of your home and identify leaks to receive instant mobile notifications if your sensor detects water. To detect water leakage, simply place the Flume Bridge within 1000 feet of the sensor anywhere in your house.

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