Best Emergency Food Supplies

The task of preparing for an emergency is paralyzing all of us. Planning for the Unknown is difficult.

But stockpiling food and water is like purchasing insurance: your household might never be faced with a horrific natural disaster or pandemic— but if it is, and you can’t get to a supermarket, a stockpile of food and water and other supplies that prove valuable.

So, if you’ve been procrastinating — maybe while watching the spreading pandemic news — it’s time to get on with that. Here are the list of an emergency foods for your home, so you can choose what you like or you can buy all of them.

Valley Food Storage

The aim of Valley Food Storage is to provide you with a variety of food kits to match your situation for short or long-term emergencies. The company sells what it describes as supplies of basic and quality emergency products. Basic emergency food buckets are meant to provide around 800 calories per day, while Premium food buckets can support you with around 1,800 calories per day. When you intend to shelter, the 800 calorie rations may be sufficient to accommodate you, while other preppers will advise you to make sure you have plenty of calories to fuel any exercise you may need to engage in during a disaster.

All supplies of emergency food to Valley Food Storage are processed without the use of GMO products, fillers, and MSG. One interesting feature is Kid Favorites options from Valley Food, which features yummy-sounding choices such as Mac and Cheese, Cheddar Potato Soup, and an variety of frozen-dried fruits along with other tasty choices. If you’re creating an emergency supply of food for kids, adding some of these trusty staples to your stock makes sense.

Legacy Foods 120 Serving Bucket

Legacy Foods 120 Serving Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Bucket is a perfect choice for vegetarians or people who want to combine with other ingredients rather than a bland foundation. One bucket covers two people at 1,500 calories a day for two weeks, for $299. While other companies reduce the calories to save costs, Legacy believed you would be adding more ingredients to their product, so we figured the comparatively low calories were appropriate per day.

A very safe, non-GMO, zero high-fructose corn syrup alternative for a meatless meal, with large portions and good quantities of fiber and protein. We also felt the unit had the best storage tank. Legacy has a gluten-free alternative, too.

Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food Storage

This is a bucket of food that will fuel you for a month and it comes for less than $100. Augason Farms brings this nutritious and delicious food bucket to you which includes some of the most loved recipes of all time.

Some of them are: crispy broccoli rice and creamy chicken-flavored rice, full of flavor, texture and nutrition, and one of the most delicious inlets; macaroni and cheese, the ever-popular comfort food; vegetable chicken soup and creamy potato soup, for times when you just want some creamy soup or some tasty vegetable broth; maple brown sugar oatmeal rich in nutrition. No Chocolate Skittles or Cotton!

It just takes water to cook certain meals. Simply pour in the material and add sufficient water for the right thickness, stirring to make a complete meal. The meals inside the bucket are packed in individual packets. The bucket will last 20 years if unopened.

Every meal, once opened, will last for a year. The kit also comes with a meal planner for 30-and 45-day meals, which you will not often find in an emergency food supply. If unopened, this box of dehydrated food will last for an amazing two decades.

Mountain House Just In Case Food

The Classic Variety bucket of the Mountain House Just In Case is a large bucket with plenty of freeze dried food inside! There is enough food here to feed one person on a 2 000 calorie diet for three and a half days.

The emergency food bucket is a good storage container for storing food in a survival kit or shelter in case of emergencies and you can’t go wrong with this option at a low price of about $65.

Within the bucket there are plenty of entries, including two beef stroganoffs, chicken teriyaki, beef stew, meat sauce lasagne, chicken noodles, and milk and blueberries granola.

Only open the pouch and place it in a bowl to serve the food, then add boiling water, and you will have a good, hot meal. Mountain House is also one of the most common Freeze Dried Food brands, and their commodity comes back with a thirty-year shelf life guarantee that is unmatched throughout the survival food supply businesses.

My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply focuses on supplying affordable and long-lasting emergency food supplies, but also covers a range of nutritional requirements and offers resources to provide you with self-reliance, such as a cooking kit, seed vault and more.

The business provides both short-term supplies of emergency food (for three days to one month) and long-term supplies of food (for one month and up to one year or more). The meals will last in storage for up to 25 years, regardless of whether you are shopping for short or long term supplies of emergency products. A successful starting point is the 2-Week Emergency Food Supply, which comes in a small bucket and is easy to hold and stack. Inside, there are sealed, zipper-top pouches with 92 food servings. The entry choices are mainly based on rice — with dishes such as Creamy Chicken Flavored Rice, Southwest Savory Rice, and Long Grain White Rice being three of six outside breakfast food choices. Even now, this package is worth considering since the pouches can be zipped closed in conjunction with the affordable price point.

My Patriot Supply stands out for selling gluten-free emergency food supplies as well as gluten-free customer purchase entries. If you are searching for a boost of protein in your emergency food supply, the company even has a Super Protein Pack. As you would imagine, the package contains plenty of beans, but also has 16 portions of freeze-dried beef and 16 portions of freeze-dried chicken that can be added to other dishes or snack-on for a fast protein boost.

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