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Fire deaths rate as the fifth most common cause of accidental death in the US. Anyone died in a fire every 160 minutes in 2017 on average, or was injured every 36 minutes. This is also reported that, in the same year, fires caused property damage worth $23 billion.

An extinguisher can not of course replace a good fire safety plan and alarm system, but it can play a vital role in preventing a fire from rising and spreading in a house.

The fire hazard is one that can not avoid but we should be prepared for it. We suggest the best home fire extinguishers in this post for general use and even for kitchens.

Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Extinguisher

The Kidde Pro 210 fire extinguisher is fitted with a metal handle and a wall mounting bracket and a “Fire Extinguisher” sticker that can be mounted above the bracket on the wall.

The Kidde Pro 210 has, like all fire extinguishers, a factory-sealed plastic band around the pin that stops it from dropping out when pulled. The Pro 210 has only one small, easy-to-break plastic loop, and the fire extinguisher itself is fairly lightweight; most people, including children and elderly people, will have no trouble taking the pin out, aiming the hose, and using this fire extinguisher.

Amerex B500 Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Owners claim the Amerex B500 is reliable and long-lasting, and a good size for general home use. It is a chemical fire extinguisher that will operate on all kinds of fires: garbage, wood, and paper; flammable liquids; and electric blazes. It weights 10 pounds, has 5 pounds of powder and is rated 2A, 10B-C.

The Amerex comes with all-metal switches, a wall mount and a pressure gauge. Unlike other home fire extinguishers like that, this one is refillable. We also state the 14-second discharge is enough to put out major household blazes, but the canister is also small enough to fit in a cabinet or other tight storage spaces at around 15 inches long. Compared to cheaper plastic models, the metal handle and trigger both receive much praise for sturdiness and durability. It comes with a six year guarantee.

Amerex B402 Dry CHemical Fire Extinguisher

When you want a fire extinguisher that is heavy-duty, definitely-going-to – do-the-job, then Amerex extinguisher is your best choice. The firefighter we talked to award them top marks in terms of reliability and performance.

In our recommendation we selected the B402 because it is a more manageable size of five pounds and the sturdy steel casing of the extinguisher takes the weight to almost 10 pounds. It releases a powerful dry chemical cloud to quickly swallow flames, but testers say the cloud is also enough to swallow the person who sprays it, forcing them out of the building. The spray even leaves behind a huge mess.

Amerex extinguishers are completely rechargeable, which is good, because they are on our list the pricest fire extinguishers. But if you purchase your Amerex on Amazon, as Amazon customers report receiving recharged extinguishers with broken seals or without full charge, we suggest double-checking the tamper seal and the pressure gauge.

Kidde FA110 Fire Extinguisher

The disposable home fire extinguisher is a bestseller on the Amazon. The biggest explanation for this is the immense value it offers. It has a 3-pound capacity, weights less than 4 lbs, and measures only 3.2″x 3.2″x 13.8″. This makes it compact enough to fit in a cupboard or under a sink.

It can battle Class A, B, and C fires, making it suitable for home use. Despite being small in size it still has some very good statistics on results. It has 8-12 seconds of discharge time, and 6-8 feet of discharge range. This model is not rechargeable, so after use or when it expires, it must be replaced. The benefit of this is it’s a lot easier. It comes with a Guarantee of 6 years.

First Alert AF400 Tundra Fire Extinguisher

Anyone who wants an aerosol fire extinguisher that’s easy to use should check out First Alert Tundra, reviewers say. The 14-ounce Tundra extinguishers, sold alone or in a two-pack, look identical to large bug spray bottles, and weigh 22 ounces each. Despite their modest nature, they are nevertheless able to extinguish all major forms of small flames, including grease and electrical flames. Nonetheless, consumers will remember that these cans do not have a pressure gauge and aerosol extinguishers have performed poorly in expert studies. Some experts caution against them or suggest that they be used only as a complement to regular fire extinguishers— never as a substitute.

Reviewers like to be able to hide a Tundra can in a cabinet or on a counter because it’s so small. These little cans are also said to be less daunting than a large, utilitarian conventional fire extinguisher, and a handful of owners say they’ve used them to successfully put out a fire. First Alert says Tundra cans have a wide-spray nozzle to help them cover a large area, and suggest using them from around 3 to 4 feet away from the flames.

Kidde 466204 Pro 10MP Fire Extinguisher

Buyers who want to be equipped with a beefier fire extinguisher can look into the Kidde Pro 10MP which has a larger-capacity canister which holds 10 pounds of chemical fire extinguishing agent. It can handle all major types of fires, weights 16 pounds and has a rating of 4A, 60 B-C, suggesting that it has sufficient strength to tackle larger blazes.

The Kidde Pro 10MP is more than 21 inches tall as a high-capacity extinguisher, which will take more storage space than smaller models. It comes with a pressure gauge and a wall bracket. Discharge time is 19 to 21 seconds, and length of approximately 20 feet. Reviewers like having the tranquility of mind that a larger fire extinguisher offers, and having used one test is successfully on a small brush-fire. Users also like the durable metal button, but a few report users report problems with receiving partially discharged or dented units.

Amerex B260 Fire Extinguisher

This wet chemical extinguisher is ideal for use in a kitchen with restaurant. It is primarily an extinguisher of class K type which means it can combat fires caused by cooking oils and grease. This operates by raising the heat from the fire and forming a barrier between the components of fuel and oxygen.

These can also be used on Class A fires caused by solid fuels such as wood and paper. This model has an enormous capacity of 6 Liters and is therefore very large. It has a big discharge time of 53 seconds and can be used within 10-12 feet of the fire.

It is rechargeable much like the other more costly extinguishers. That means that you can refill it at your nearest fire station. It was checked by UL and accepted for Class K classification. This comes with a 5 year warranty, too.

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