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It always seems like the freezer in your refrigerator is never large enough to hold all the food items that you need to store, especially those items that you want to store away. If this happens to you often, consider purchasing a separate, stand-freezer to ease the issue.

Here’s the list you’ll be able to use as a reference before you buy the best freezer.

Midea WHS-109FB1 Compact Upright Freezer

Check out this space-saving Midea model if you are looking for a small upright freezer. With 3.0 cubic feet of space, this small but efficient upright freezer holds in deep freeze about 105 pounds of groceries.

This free-standing, upright freezer measures just under 3 feet in height and has adjustable legs and a reversible door to fit into your room. This gadget, available in black, white or stainless steel finish, can blend into any decor. That you need a deep freeze in a small space is ideal for dorm rooms, apartments, office use or anywhere else.

The amount of storage space provided in this compact freezer is generally pleasing to the people. For one or two people, most people find it useful, and it’s energy-efficient too. Many customers had trouble with the dented arriving appliance, and that’s something they need to be mindful of. You should also be aware that within the Midea WHS-109FB1, there is no actual thermometer reading, but the temperature is adjustable on a scale from 1 to 6—offering sufficient adjustability to get the setting right for your needs.

Whynter CUF-110B Upright Freezer

This basic-black Whynter is an effective, compact pick, suggest reviewers, if you need a small freezer for a small space — maybe in a dormitory room, under a desk, on a side table or in tight quarters such as a boat or an RV. It is Energy Star-rated and provides 1.1 cubic feet of space, perfect for getting ready for a stack of frozen dinners or a few pints of ice cream.

At approximately 17.5 by 18.5 by 19 inches, the Whynter will take up in close quarters no more than its fair share of space. Within, it has a flexible slide-out wire shelf and a mechanical temperature dial that makes -10 to 2 degree settings. The swing door is reversible — handy for places where only one way can be opened— and there is a recessed handle for keeping things streamlined. Also, the door is lockable so that nobody can enter your frozen stash unless they have the key. Owners love this little freezer, claiming it’s a perfect size for one person who doesn’t have to stock up on a massive amount of frozen products. We always say it’s quiet enough, even when it’s underfoot, not to be a nuisance. The warranty lasts for a year.

GE 21.0 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer – FUM21DHRWW

The GE FUM21DHRWW freezer has 20.9 cubic feet of total capacity and 21.9 square feet of shelf area. This upright freezer has four wire shelves with one offering adjustability to organize cabinet space. Also, five adjustable door bins and a single slide-out storage basket help to organize freezer contents, making it easy to distinguish larger and smaller items while the interior lighting ensures that you can easily locate any items.

The FUM21DHRWW is a decently big freezer with a width of 34 inches and a height of 72 inches, with an average depth of 30.5 inches-62.5 inches while the door is open 90 degrees. An adjustable temperature control lets you set the temperature to what you need, while the indicator light outdoor power allows you to know that it works without opening the door. A door lock is also included, and while this unit provides only manual defrost, a defrost water drain is included to ease this function.

EdgeStar Convertible

A rare entry among our suggested miniature freezers is the EdgeStar Convertible. Actually it is dual use as a freezer or refrigerator, offering double the choices for cold storage.

Measuring just 17.75 “Lx 18.5” Wx 19.25 “H, it’s only a smaller fraction than the Whynter CUF-110B model we first tested. We’re talking about fractions of an inch here, but I think those differences could prove decisive.

It is also not the only way in which the Edgestar Convertible is identical to the Whynter model. It also has a reversible door with recessed handle, built-in lock, temperature control dial and removable wire shelf.

In fact, these models are so similar that you’d be hard pressed to notice a difference when looking at them. There’s one major difference though. And this is the double operation we described earlier. This EdgeStar freezer is capable of functioning very well freezing food with an operating range from -11.2 to 5 ° F or simply cooling it as a refrigerator, with an operating temperature range of 32 to 50 ° F. The user modes are conveniently toggled between using the dial that is found inside. This gives it a much bigger storage area than a dedicated freezer.

Kenmore Elite 27002 20.5 cu. ft. Upright Freezer

An upright freezer will give plenty of space and chill power to keep your food frozen solid and easy to reach. The Kenmore Elite 27002 is the big deal if you’re in the market for an upright freezer. Select from a roomy 20.5 cubic foot model or a 16.6 cubic foot design which is more portable.

This practical choice for deep chill food storage comes with Fresh Freeze technology which keeps the internal temperature at-20F. Although these chilling temperatures are not only exclusive to this model of Kenmore Elite, it should be noted that not all upright freezers deliver this deep freezing level. The express chill option also helps to cool temperatures at an accelerated rate down to the arctic levels–which is useful when you add a lot of fresh food to the freezer at once. It’s fitted with an automatic defrost feature when it comes time to thaw out the appliance itself.

The’ Soft Freeze Zone’ on the door that holds ice cream or other things securely frozen but not hard as a rock is certainly appreciated by people. You can insert your scoop into the tub without having to hack away at a concrete-ice cream block to get to your treat. Another common feature on the Kenmore Elite 27002 is the front-and center-digital temperature monitor on the unit, along with the alarm that warns you when the door stays ajar. All of these apps give consumers peace of mind that their frozen food supply is being kept efficiently at all times.

The Kenmore Elite 27003 is a mid-model with all the requisite features and a sleek appearance that looks good in your kitchen, garage, basement or elsewhere for easy storage of your frozen products. Choose from a finish made from stainless steel or a classic white exterior.

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