Best Recommended Pocket Knife

When it comes to having the right pocket knives, you must always suggest getting knives that can offer the best value possible. That means the knife must be useful for the various functions other than just being portable.

But the guide of one person’s experience always concerns you. So we’re going to give you this guide on best recommended pocket knife.

Kershaw Glass Breaker 1670BGBBLKST Pocket Knife

The Kershaw Glass Breaker 1670BGBBLKST Pocket Knife is our best range of folding and pocket knives you can find on the market right now. You’re unlikely to find anything suitable for daily use in a number of circumstances that will work as well as this.

It boasts a corrosion-resistant blade that retains its edge despite heavy usage, while the stainless steel locking line adds power and protection to minimize-and ideally remove any danger when it is used. This makes it suitable for hunting, tactical conditions, camping, and industrial environments and is also useful as a everyday knife to have around the house.


The CEO is a super slim and discreet folder that looks more like a knife than a high-end pen. It wouldn’t look out of place in the board room, with its sleek clip slipping easily into most pockets. And yet its effectiveness is clear. The blade quickly deploys with a thumb stud (and ball bearing pivot) and a liner lock holds it open, while the nylon handle, which is lightweight and reinforced with glass, offers excellent grip. This is a new knife, so many expert reviews have not yet been received, but Blade Mag called the CEO his Best Buy of the Year. And several customers at Amazon commented on how easy it is to open. “The bearing is swinging like it is floating on air,” said one. All that was backed up by our testing: the CEO is capable, efficient, and unobtrusive.

Sanrenmu 710

If you’re new to knives and want to make the smallest investment possible, we like the Sanrenmu 710 (aka 7010), to see if you like carrying one. It’s similar to our main pick in many ways— it has around the same size and the blade pivot is almost as smooth. But the all-metal handle is less secure and can become slippery in damp or sweaty hands; when holding the knife and flipping the blade out we found the problem. The good news is that the 710 is usually priced for less than $20 and rarely available for less than $10. This price is surprising as the overall quality of our tests was higher than many of the $20 to $40 knives that we tested.

Benchmade Crooked River 15080

The knife comes with a 9.3 inch overall length and 4 “blade. Since it weights 5.41 ounces, and then combined with the total length, you can see that it’s perfect for portability.

The long curving handle should be another positive thing about this layout. The handle is designed to complement the long curving blade in this way. You will certainly like what you are getting with this model starting today. The model also blends to make it look so amazing using a diamond frame, silver bolsters, and an orange pivot collar. Right now, you can easily distinguish this from the many other models on the market.

The handle nature makes it one of the finest in terms of use. Compared to some other common knives you’ll find the handle very ergonomic. You’ll like the fact that it’s beautiful and feels good in your pocket, too. Then it should be easy to use the knife effectively with a strong grip, without worrying that it could slip.

The design also comes with a strong lock-up and deployment feature. The axis lock is a common feature on the market right now between many knives. If you are serious about having an quick knife for you to run, then that’s it. The best part is that it can be conveniently opened with one hand.

Buck Knives 55

We have reviewed two conventional knives and we suggest the Buck Knives 55 if you want a more modern look and style. The style has an unquestionably age-old look, but that comes at the cost of more innovative features such as a pocket clip, a one-handed open and close hand and a textured handle. The Buck Knives 55 still has a rather sturdy frame and a good overall design which is apparent in how the lock snaps open and close. The biggest downside to us is that you need two hands to open and close this blade, but this Buck model is a fine choice if you’re cool with that.

Spyderco Tenacious

The Spyderco based in Colorado is well known for producing easy and robust knives with excellent ergonomics and a distinctive look. Though Spyderco makes an assortment of great pocket knives like the Delica and Endura, the Tenacious is one of the best by far. It boasts a 3.88-inch blade which a liner lock keeps in place. The ergonomic G-10 handle leaves the knife feeling like a hand extension and Spyderco’s Round Hole trademark makes it easy to open the knife without much effort.

The knife feels smooth alongside the price construction. The Tenacious, unlike other knives that appear to have more moving pieces, embraces its versatility and pays off with a robust knife that can handle almost everything you throw at it. Once that knife joins your rotation, it will possibly become your EDC for years to come.

SOG Flash II

Because of its dimensions, this model can easily be defined as a medium sized EDC and a tactical knife for emergency. Okay, you can still take it out, and use it in a potential tactical situation. You’ll also find that the model is good in terms of flexibility, due to having the large blade. The model also only weights 3.1 ounces. You will consider this to be ideal for portability with such a weight.

The SOG brand also selected AUS8 steel to create the blade. This is a Japanese mid-range steel which should always give you some good results. The AUS8 is taking the sharp edge to a whole new point. That is because the model can still keep the edge for such a material for a long time. Compared to other materials meant for blades, sharpening is also easy.

The model comes with a special and boxy-looking handle that impresses. This is made of dense reinforced plastic made from fiberglass. This is good because the material keeps the handle soft, but at the same time it is sturdy and gives an impressive grip, too. The shape makes the ergonomics perfect too. Which makes it possible for you to use it for various applications.

With supported opening this model comes with. This means the thumb-studs snap and let the blade out with just a gentle push. This would make it easy for anyone needing a knife to open easily. The overall process is smooth and fast. That’s the reason you’ll like this kind of model for yourself right now.

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