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A standard home safe can sometimes be inappropriate and uncomfortable in case you’re looking for something special. We like the wall-safes for homes and offices; because they are lightweight but still powerful and easy to hide & use. Our best safe wall reviews are the ideal option for selecting your ultimate safe wall that will make your life secure and stress-free.

Owning a gun is a great privilege but it also has its own set of obligations. You as the gun owner are responsible for keeping the gun away from areas where it can hurt others and you will need to make sure it is also safe from theft. A perfect secure mounting of the wall will ensure your every need. No matter where you go, keep your guns and valuables safe.

But, a gun isn’t the only reason to invest in a safe wall. When you are highly trustworthy on sensitive documents, an effective wall mounted safe would certainly secure your documents and prevent them from wrong hands. In addition, the best wall mount safes can be used to safeguard cash, ornaments and other valuables. Most restaurant experts are promoting this too.

Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe

An improved variant of the 7700 model Paragon with a safe electronic locking mechanism. It weighs 37 pounds and has a thick door (about 0.2 inches). The safe contains 2 shelves, it is about 3.75 inches long, but please bear in mind that the locking mechanism is only 2 inches deep, being almost as wide and tall as the gap between the two shelves. So it’s actually not a very deep safe wall.

The free space you might use is about 1.75 inches deep, 7.25 inches high, and about 14 inches long. Given the lack of space, consumers think this safe is probably the best-hidden safe wall and worth every dollar spent on it. The truth is that neither a grinder, nor a hammer, nor a drill, can break or even get into this safe!

Protex PWS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe

For most people, the AMSEC may be “too much safe,” in which case this safe Protex wall of moderate level is right in their wheelhouse. It doesn’t offer the AMSEC model’s UL fireproof rating or incredible construction, but it’s a secure steel safe that will keep burglars at bay, at a 50-60 percent lower price.

One of the often ignored advantages that a touch-pad or biometric wall safe has over a traditional dial model is that it doesn’t stick out the locking mechanism, so it’s easier to hide the safe behind a painting or wall hanging. On the PWS-1814E the keypad is even better than most, with the door completely flush. It also has a small interior housing, creating maximum indoor space to store your valuables.

The lock also carries other interesting features. If you ignore the “low battery” warning you will still remember your key code for another six months, and there are two override systems, one powered, and one with a key. That may not provide the ultimate protection but for ordinary users it rates high in convenience. This safe is made of heavy-gauge steel, with a 5/8 “steel door and dual 3⁄4” steel live locking bolts, and fits nicely with six anchor holes and an integrated flange between 16 “o / c studs.

Barska Biometric Wall Safe

This is a safe, very simple to hide, that can be mounted at home or in any company. The safe is very hard to break into because of its concealability and that is what will keep all of your valuables secure. You can mount it behind pictures, mirrors or even behind furniture in positions like those.

Upon installation the body of the safe will be inside the wall, so the door will allow it to sit flush against the wall. It helps a lot with further disguising it. The safe comes with a key for emergency override so you can open the safe even without entering the combination. You get two rotating shelves inside the safe to help you organise your precious items such as medications, jewellery and everything else.

The safe uses a biometric system designed to provide the user with fast and effortless access to his weapons in the event of an emergency. You’ll also get a manual two-point solid dead bolt locking system which will open easily.

Stack-On Wall Safe With Electronic Lock

This 22′′ In-Wall Safe is part of the famous product brand Stack-on and features a standard wall-sized safe designed to fit within a wall-based 16 “stud space. The safe came with two lock options to choose from including a 3 to 8 digit electronic coded system or a biometric fingerprint scanner that holds up to 20 memory fingerprints.

The safe itself is made of white powder-coated steel with 2 live-action locking bolts and comes with 2 removable shelves inside the safe for easier storage. These electronics are powered by batteries and come with a warning light with low power.

Paragon 7700 Electronic Wall Safe

A good safe keeps valuables secure because it’s hard to break open. A great safe keeps things, well, secure because in the first place it’s not only hard to open but hard to even find. The Paragon Lock and Safe 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe can be installed in your home or business with a bit of effort (or the help of a handyman), and it will lie almost flush with the wall once in place.

It can be actually covered with a framed piece of artwork, a mirror, a sign, or anything else, and thus avoid detection by anyone with ill intent. Even once it has been located, the unit still provides more protection than most compact safes simply because it can not be carried away unless the burglar has the time and tools to cut a large section of the wall. Which would probably not be the case.

The Paragon Lock and Safe 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe features a keypad which can be programmed with codes as short as 3 numbers or as long as 8, and the keys are lighted in the dark for easy use. The safe requires the operation of four AA batteries, and a low battery light tells you when it’s time for new ones. It could be opened with a key, too.

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