Best Padlocks for Shed and Garage

You walk to your house, and you find that there seems to be something off. Your padlock is on the ground and you have the door open. All of a sudden it hits you: someone broke into your house. Your privacy has been breached and your own property feels unsafe. This is totally not your fault. We can however help you find a better padlock in order to keep your belongings secure. If you are trying to protect a shed, garage, gate or something else, padlocks have different characteristics to take into consideration. It is crucial that you know about the padlock elements so you select one with the correct security measures that you want. Below we will go over some various features.

Stanley Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

Simple, high-security padlocks, such as the Stanley Hardened Steel, are the simplest to use: there is no memorizing passwords or fumbling on a keypad with numbers— just don’t lose the key! This Stanley was the biggest and hardest padlock we’ve ever tested, which led me to believe its hardened steel structure is also rust-resistant and almost indestructible. The hardened steel shackle and anti-drill plates made breaking difficult and allowed it to withstand all of our destructive tests without any problems. On top of that, the six-pin cylinder makes opening without a key very difficult for even seasoned lockpickers.

The lock was easy to open given its large size, and its shackle easily fit through any chain we tried to put on. Because it allows you to lock it before release of the key offers an extra level of security for forgotten people. It’s one of the most expensive locks on our list, but it’s the toughest and best match for locking away something from the criminals you’d need.

Best Access System 21B Padlock

Ironically enough, Best has managed to get on the list. But it’s not built on overly clever wordplay, this lock has won its place. Seven pins and a master key system make them a lock of choice for many companies in the industry. It also has a rather serious paracentric keyway that limits access seriously. In case you feel more comfortable with another brand’s plug, the lock even has changable cores. The core can be replaced with a change key that takes advantage of the two shear lines of the lock, so removing the core is as fast and easy as turning a key. Ideal if the core is harmed, too. The shackle to stand up to destructive entry is very powerful. For additional protection, a shroud can also be attached, and this is the only model with that option.

Master Lock Commercial Padlock

These have been around for good reason and forever. They are very well built mechanically, for their price point. The body is made of laminate steel which provides great strength and force distribution. This is the lock of “Tough under pressure.” It’s got a toughened steel shackle. In my view, having the commercial grade version is worth the extra buck, or two. The industrial grade edition features a rugged steel bottom plate and anti-drill keyway that makes them a little more difficult to bypass.

I realize I’ll get a lot of flack to suggest a padlock but note. This padlock is $10. It is not intended to cover high value assets. Used to suppress pressure from normally honest citizens.

American Lock A1106KAMK

This type of American Locks can be color-coded and keyed to have one master key with individual lock keys, so if you have a big farm and your workers need access to some areas but not others, you can hand out keys to certain people and then you can hold the master key to unlock them all. The downside is that there’s no shroud shackle oranti-drill shield. It’s made of boron alloy however, so it would be very difficult for this one to use bolt cutters.

Desired Tools 4 Digit Combination Padlock

The Desired Tools 4 Digit Combination Lock gets the job done for those moments when you need to lock your precious belongings away from the world. It was really easy to set the combination (it even has an online tutorial!) and the numbers were the easiest to switch of all the combination locks we tested. Although less than ideal for outdoor use, it is ideal for securing a gym locker due to its lightweight and compact size.

Medeco M3 Shrouded Padlock

This particular Medeco has a hardened steel shroud, which covers a hardened steel shackle. The most recent M3 model is the core. For these cores, there are some discovered vulnerabilities but it takes quite a bit of knowledge and understanding about the company and lock picking experience to solve them. The more disturbing of the vulnerabilities in all locks manufactured after 2011 is discussed. We are not as immune as people think to covert attacks, but they still provide an enormous amount of protection. For most cases, the name being on the lock is enough for a thief to give up on the hope of picking it up. The reason the lock on the list is so small is because the body is made from brass. Which leaves the most vulnerable part of the lock corps. It is also very flexible.

It is built to be very weather-and outdoor resistant. You pay extra for the brand name, but you get a high-quality padlock that stands up to traveling and industrial conditions with it. Weathering protection also protects the brass core, so that the weakness is concealed. To most it will look like a lock they can’t pick with a big thick alloy steel shackle covered with a cast iron shroud. Not exactly the Safety Illusion, but a sterner inference. And I’m pretty critical because this is a compilation of all-time best padlocks. It is truly a very secure lock.

83/45 Series Abus Padlocks

It is a well-built padlock that skips the slide lock marketing gimmicks, and bio-metric, user-friendly keys. This has outstanding resistance to corrosion and dust. It can be keyed to just about every residential or business key out there and it can be set up to hold the key (can not delete the key until the lock is closed) which is an excellent function in business gate applications to ensure that an employee does not leave the key behind.

When you order these keys, make sure you order them with the correct keyway (for example, Kwikset or Schlage) to which you are trying to fit. Kwikset is the 83/45200 abus and Schlage is the 83/45300 abus version (other keyways are available). When you match this lock to an existing key, you would need to take it to your local locksmith to allow them to adjust the pins of the knob to match your key.

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